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Certifications at Rennes1
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Language certifications

Today, French and foreign recruiters want to know the precise level of proficiency of candidates for a position. For an adequate CV, it is advisable to avoid the mention of the following: "Fluent in English" and it is preferable to replace this with an "international certification".

Certification indicates quality and it is becoming an indispensable element of training.

What is language certification?

The certification can be awarded after setting an exam. The test examines various written and/or oral skills, identifying the level of each candidate on a precise scale. Results can be displayed in the form of a score or a reference level.

Some certificates are valid only for a limited period of time, but can be renewed regularly. Others are of unlimited validity, however, the level of the student may have changed in the meantime. Therefore, the date of the certificate is often taken into account.


SCELVA seeks to make available quality certifications for students that meet their professional needs and are recognized at the European and international level.

Currently, SCELVA offers CLES B2 (English, German, Spanish) and TOEIC (English).

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CLES is a certification (recognized in France and in Europe) that is managed by the Ministry of Higher Education in France.

The CLES evaluates the 4 skills:

  • Oral comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Written expression

The CLES also determines the communication skills of each candidate.
The CLES certification is available in several languages.


TOEIC is an exam (Tests English for international communication) 

It is a private certification designed by the ETS (Educational Testing Service)

  • The TOEIC is recognized worldwide and it is valid only for 2 years.
  • The TOEIC tests two skills: listening and reading
  • Each candidate receives a score based on the number of correct answers. Some employers or institutions require a minimum score.


The WiDaF test is the professional German reference test intended to assess and certify the language skills of non-German speakers who use this language in a professional manner.

This test is proposed in the following manner:

  • German courses are taken at the Management Institute of Rennes.
  • German courses of the ECLA program (Economics, Culture and German language) at the Faculty of Economics are for students who will go to Augsburg and pursue a double-bachelor degree.

The Toles

This is a diploma received after an examination, which tests the English skills in the realm of Law. It is intended for people who work in the legal sector but whose first language is not English. The candidates who pass the exam receive a certificate indicating their level (scored out of 100) for the chosen test.

The Toles is offered to students of the School of Law and Political Science.