Languages ​​at Université Rennes1 and scelva

The University of Rennes 1 has always committed itself to develop and maintain an ambitious language curriculum.

 Languages ​​at the University of Rennes 1
  2. Which languages can be studied at Rennes 1?


SCELVA (Service commun d'études des langues vivantes appliquées), the language department, fully supports a language program that entails a select number of hours of language courses for both Bachelor and Master programs. This allows students the opportunity to access quality training, language certification and language acquisition

Various opportunities are offered with regards to international mobility, thus promoting the professional integration of all students at the University of Rennes 1. 

Since 1974, SCELVA has provided foreign language training for university students and offers courses in English, German and Spanish from License 1 to Master 2 on the University of Rennes 1 campuses in Rennes, France. Classes can be taken as single courses or  with the aid of teachers in the UFRs.  

SCELVA specializes in the teaching of English for Specific Purposes (LANSAD).
The goal is to teach languages to non linguists : students specializing in other academic subjects who are required to master at least one foreign langage as part of their university program, as well as for their own personal and professional development. The various disciplines concerned include economics, health, law, philosophy and science.

SCELVA also provides ongoing language training for university staff.

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Which languages can be studied at Rennes 1?

It is possible to take courses in: 

  • German: required level- B1 - Bachelor / German beginner possible at ESIR and the Faculty of Economics 
  • English: required level B1 - Bachelor 
  • Spanish: required level B1 - Baccalaureate / Spanish possible beginner at ESIR and at the Faculty of Law and Political Science  
  • For French as a foreign language (FLE), foreign students must apply to CIREFE (Rennes International French Study Center for Foreigners) in Rennes 2.    

To note :
To follow a university curriculum in languages, you must contact the University of Rennes 2: