Teaching methods

Language teaching at SCELVA (Joint service for the study of applied modern languages)

  1. Introduction
  2. The communicative approach
  3. The action approach
  4. CEFR goals


SCELVA teachers offer language study with an action and communication based approach, which is recommended by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).



The communicative approach

This is the linchpin of our language teaching. It is based on accessing and activating the students’ communication skills. It focuses on written and oral comprehension and expression and constitutes an active and comprehensive approach to language learning. Our methods are based on the fact that communication is active engagement in real life and that communication only makes sense in the real world and in real-life situations. The language learner is considered as a social actor with a variety of tasks (not just language exercises) to perform in particular contexts.

The action approach

The action approach believes that communicating is acting and living. Communication only makes sense in real action-like living. The language learner is considered to be a social actor having to perform tasks (not just language exercises) in particular circumstances. 

CEFR goals

Our goals, in accordance with those of the CEFR, are to focus not only on course content and grammar but to have students :

  • Read and listen to current, authentic documents
  • Write reports, abstracts, and letters
  • Synthesize
  • Talk, negotiate, discuss, solve problems, etc.

In other words, students must use their organizational skills (summary writing, synthesis development, group work, time management, negotiation, etc.) and language skills (particularly oral expression) to fulfil concrete tasks that become more challenging each year.

These skills are necessary to not only enhance students' language learning but also to make them informed citizens and reliable partners in the professional world.
Teaching conditions:

  • Access to equipped computer labs
  • Quality technical support provided by the SCELVA technician
  • Presence of computers and video projectors in each room
  • 24 students maximum per class

SCELVA guarantees quality teaching and provides individual attention to each student.