US Institutions go to Hollywood

Nous avons répertorié pour vous des films et séries dans lesquels sont représentés les institutions étatsuniennes. Certains de ces titres sont disponibles dans les bibliothèques de Rennes 1.

Pour compléter la liste des films et séries sur ce thème, vous vous proposons quelques ressources supplémentaires : 

 Podcast All The President's Minutes” 
All the President's Minutes is a podcast where conversations about movies, journalism, politics and history meet. Each show we use the seminal and increasingly prescient 1976 film All The President's Men as a portal, to engage with the themes and the warnings of the film resonating since its release. For minute 56 host, I join a friend of the show, feminist movie, t.v and culture critic, Roxana Hadadi. Roxana and I maintain the rage and discuss Trump removing the veil of dignity from the American Presidency, the construction of the "American Dream" and the post-truth world making All The President's Men all the more fulfilling.

 Podcast How Film Has Shaped The American Image Of Democracy 
NPR's Scott Simon speaks to film critics Wesley Morris and Mark Harris about the movies that have shaped how Americans think of democracy for our series "We Hold These Truths."

 Article 7 important lessons about democracy to be learned from Hollywood movies
Democracy was up against the wall in this month’s election. Notwithstanding early exceptions like Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), political films became their own genre around the time that television began bringing the images and drama of politics into voters’ lives on a daily basis. From more than half a century of such movies, here are seven lessons we can draw about what’s at stake.

 Article : The best political movies ever made (Washington Post)